connects you to your customers and helps you gain new and repeat business. is a complete online and mobile client booking and management software, with built in Social Media tools and Do-it-Yourself couponing, to help you increase your business. helps you reach you customers where they are every day, on Social Networks.

Do you have a facebook page for your business? Take appointments and publish deals directly on your facebook pages.

Use email marketing, twitter, facebook, google +, and Linkedin to book your un-sold appointment times.

Offer discounts and deals to your social media followers.

Have a last minutes cancellation? Book that time quickly by tweeting or posting a discounted price for that time on social sites, and book directly from twitter, google+, linkedin and facebook.

Use your client's Social Influence Credential® scores to offer them targeted deals and coupons. shows you your client's scores and we our own Social Influence Credential® (SIC) score to give you double confirmation of your client's social ability to drive action to your business. Clients who have a higher SIC® score, have more influence on their social circles. When they use a product or service, then the people they influence are more likely to use that same product and services. And when you send a deal or coupon to a client that has a high SIC score, your brand is likely to be seen by more people. And we don't charge you extra for this service.

We've built to help businesses of all sizes better manage their client relationships while at the same time help increase your revenues and client base. is good for your customers and great for business!

  • With Booka you can:

    • Take online, real-time appointment requests via booka, facebook, google+, LinkedIn, your iPhone, iPad, or Android device
    • Manage your clients and see their appointment history
    • Publish your own coupons to social sites for FREE
    • Automatic appointment reminders to your clients to cut down on no-shows
    • Book classes, session, and groups
    • Guarantee appointments with a credit card
    • Over-lapping and double book appointments
    • Wait list your clients
    • Get referrals through facebook
    • Take appointments through your email and do your own easy on-line marketing
      and so much more...
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